Denver, CO, Holiday Vacation Rental Ideas: Creating a Festive Home Away from Home

Denver, CO, Holiday Vacation Rental Ideas: Creating a Festive Home Away from Home

Nothing is more festive than spending the holidays in Denver. Nearby snowy mountain peaks and crisp, fresh air make this the ideal backdrop for a holiday get-together. And if you own a rental property in Denver, you'll need to pull out all the stops to make it an appealing holiday rental.

Start grabbing some greenery and twinkly lights. Read on to learn how to create a festive holiday vacation rental in Denver!

Swap Out Decor

Holiday vacation rental decor is key to making your property sparkle. Swap out your current throw pillows and blankets for festive ones in punchy buffalo plaid patterns. Place some nutcrackers and snow globes on the mantel with battery-powered twinkle lights woven around them.

Snowmen are always welcome additions to seasonal decor, too. Make a bedroom or dining table cozier with a collection of snowman figurines. And don't forget to add a retro sled or some sparkly ornaments to your displays.

Turn on the Holiday Lights

During holiday vacation rental season, you'll want your home to literally sparkle. That means decking the halls with lights both inside and outside your property. After all, since holiday vacation rental rates might be higher, your guests will expect more.

Go with warm white lights draped over bushes and around your front entrance for a classic look. Call attention to beautiful tree silhouettes with tightly wrapped branches. Or reach for colorful large bulbs for a vintage look that will make guests feel nostalgic.

Inside your home, intersperse fairy lights among your dining table's centerpiece. And put candles on deep windowsills to amp up the charm.

Go for the Greenery

Among all the trinkets and sparkles, you'll want some greenery. Go with well-crafted fake greenery if you want something that won't require any maintenance throughout the season. Infuse your home with the aroma of pine by opting for some touches of real fir greens.

Wrap entryways and banisters, or hang a festive green wreath on your door. Add some touches of holly for pops of vibrant red.

When you take photos for your holiday vacation rental newsletter, you'll garner more interest with a festive home. That means you'll maximize your home's rental potential.

Add a Seasonal Scent

Finally, don't forget that the right aromas can make a holiday rental feel even more magical. Scented plug-ins, scented pinecones, and potpourri bags are the safest way to do this.

Pop some potpourri bags or scented pinecones into centerpieces or along shelves. The aromas of cloves, allspice, pine, and cranberries will fill the air.

Plug-ins are another discrete way to introduce fresh, fir tree-inspired aromas. Just be sure to test any scented items you bring into your home to make sure they aren't overpowering.

Create a Festive Holiday Vacation Rental

Making your holiday vacation rental extra special will attract guests hoping to make memories. Introduce seasonal decor and scents to set the right vibe. And don't forget to hang lights and greenery.

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