How to Encourage Homeowners to Attend Your Denver HOA Meetings

How to Encourage Homeowners to Attend Your Denver HOA Meetings

Colorado ranks among the top states when it comes to HOA fees. As someone on a Denver HOA board, it's your responsibility to make sure that those fees are worthwhile for homeowners. However, getting them to attend HOA meetings so their voices can be heard is a challenge.

How do you encourage better attendance?

We have a few ideas. Read our top tips for encouraging homeowners to show up to meetings.

Choose the Right Time

Too often, the HOA board forgets that their HOA community is full of people who have their own responsibilities. They all have different working times, they may have children to care for, and they may otherwise not be available at conventional times.

It's helpful to take a poll to find a time that works for the greatest number of people. Not everyone will be able to make every meeting, but you should be able to boost your attendance by just being considerate of people's schedules.

Get Homeowners Involved

What role do homeowners play in the HOA meetings? Do they have any say in the HOA rules? Do they get opportunities to speak and weigh in on various neighborhood issues?

If not, it makes sense that they wouldn't be enthusiastic about attending meetings. After all, they aren't gaining anything from those meetings. They're just taking up space.

Make a point to incorporate feedback from homeowners and get them more involved in HOA meetings and activities to encourage attendance.

Allow Virtual Options

We live in an increasingly virtual world. If you don't have an option for virtual HOA meeting attendance, you're missing out.

As we mentioned, the homeowners in your HOA are busy people. They have tight schedules and plenty of responsibilities and interests that tie up their time. If you can make HOA meetings more convenient for them, they may be more willing to show up.

Allow members to tune in using their phones or laptops. This way, they can stay home (or wherever they are). This decreases the need for childcare, allows homeowners to stay flexible, and makes HOA meetings seem like less of a chore.

Keep Meetings Brief

If you're on the HOA board, try to plan the meetings to be as brief and efficient as possible.

If your HOA develops a reputation for having long and boring HOA meetings, no one is going to want to attend. People don't want their time to be wasted.

Do your best to get to the point and let people go at a reasonable time.

HOA Meetings Are Important

If you want to get more homeowners to attend important HOA meetings, try using these tips. Keep meetings as brief as possible, allow virtual attendance, get members involved in the HOA, and make sure you choose the right time.

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