Top 3 Vacation Rental Platforms in Denver, CO

Top 3 Vacation Rental Platforms in Denver, CO

Since the 1900s, Colorado has been one of the most sought-after destinations in the U.S. for tourists. Today, it's the fourth-highest-earning state for Airbnb. The average host in the Centennial State generates over $58,000 annually.

Short-term rentals are profitable investments, but they require hard work and research. The first place to start is choosing the best vacation rental platforms. Countless businesses operate online, and each one has its pros and cons.

To discover which is best for you, read our insider's guide to vacation rental platforms in Denver!

1. Vrbo

Vrbo is becoming one of the most well-known vacation rental platforms. Last year, there were over 44 million active users worldwide. In 2024, the company and experts predict its popularity will grow even further.

The second-most-used rental site is arguably the most beneficial for Denver hosts. The city is a haven for families due to its safety, culture, and endless things to do. As a result, these groups search for private and larger-scale homes.

Luckily, Vrbo is unique and only offers entire spaces to guests, with no common or shared areas. Therefore, large groups and families often turn to the platform first.

As a host, you can choose how to pay for the service to maximize your rental income. The pay-per-booking costs consist of a 3% payment processing fee and a 5% commission fee. You could also opt for a yearly membership of $499 for unlimited properties.


Overseas tourists make up almost 40% of Denver's total visitor numbers. Although is not the most used website in the U.S., it's favored among foreign travelers. By listing your Denver vacation rentals here, you will showcase your home to a new range of customers.

The European-based platform has almost three decades of experience. In return, it has a keen eye for the latest trends in the travel industry. One of which is switching its attention from traditional hotels to apartment rentals in the wake of revenge travel.

Its in-depth and reliable review system makes it a top choice for renters. While researching, your rental will be trustworthy among guests, leading to more bookings. Previous guest testimonials can also be used as a marketing tool to improve your space.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is the world's most renowned short-term rental site. But it's also one of the most highly rated Denver vacation rental platforms. The state has one of the highest shares of listings, with a whopping 445 units per 100,000 residents.

The secure booking process provides tourists with confidence when choosing their accommodations. The site also features unique and themed spaces, adding a layer of excitement. Hosts frequently offer personalized recommendations for exploring the city and its surroundings.

The most compelling reason to use Airbnb is to expose your home to millions of customers. There are 150 million users, and each traveler visiting Denver can view your rental.

Utilize the Top 3 Vacation Rental Platforms in Denver, CO

There are countless benefits to owning a vacation rental. You can generate passive income, utilize tax benefits, or increase your property value. However, you can only experience these benefits through the top 3 vacation rental platforms in Denver, CO.

After reading our guide, you learned which was best for you. But you also have the chance to work with local short-term property management with 20 years in the making. Contact PMI Denver Metro to uncover more!